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I agree . . but it depends on what you call political. The outright telling of lies about someone should be kept out, but by the same token if the behavior is factual . . It's no-longer politics, it's information.

I object to anyone, pissing on my shoes, and telling me it's raining

Something tells me, I've tied a noose, and stuck my head it

Without information, what's left ?

Birthday Congradulations. . . .and Elephant Jokes ?
It does not matter if its true, false or a joke.

If the subject matter is about a politician then it is bound to end up as a political debate and has no place on a Flight Simulation/Aviation Forum.

So whats left after we remove any references to politics. Lots if one chooses to look around.

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Something tells me, I've tied a noose, and stuck my head it
Yes you have as far as I am concerned but the truth is I am using you as a learning experience. I would have booted you out the door weeks ago but I felt it better to let those who have more experience than me deal with wielding the heavy hammer. So for my part I am watching and learning.

I am especially waiting to see how this topic is handled. The White House Gardener. That seems to me to be a racist/stereotype joke that does not belong here either.

Why don't you try centralizing your topics around Flight Simulations and Aviation. That would seem to be most appropriate. If you could work in the Flying Elephant story that would fit the core of what we would like to do here.


Its going to be raining later today.

... and like any weatherman I just don't know when.