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Thread: Three Steps to another CFS3 Sim

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    Default Three Steps to another CFS3 Sim

    I have come across a downloadable (free) file that
    can be either an add-on or an expansion.

    C F S 3 B o B
    Battle of Britain
    "Dedicated to all Allied and German aircrew
    and personnel who served in the conflict."

    It will either add stuff to your CFS3 3.1a
    OR you can create a totally separate expansion.

    I would recommend to do the latter so that your CFS3 3.1a
    will still be intact, but it should be Stock, although I had
    46th Designs add-ons installed on mine and had no problems.
    (put the ngng's in a hangar outside the game)

    Three easy steps:

    1. copy your CFS3 3.1a install:

    XP----------C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Combat Flight Simulator 3
    Vista/Win7 C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Combat Flight Simulator 3

    and rename it 'Combat Flight Simulator BoB'

    2. run the Auto-installer that you downloaded (oops, missed that step)
    making sure the destination directory
    is the copy you just made.

    3. Open your new Combat Flight Simulator Bob directory
    and look for 'MultiCFS3.exe'.

    Double click on it and in the "current user folder" box change
    "Combat Flight Simulator 3.0" to "Combat Flight Simulator BoB"
    and click on "Accept".

    This is one amazing piece of work done by Pat Pattle (thank-you Clive & Co.),
    and trust me you will not be disappointed. It has its own 'feel'.

    You can find this 303 Mb file @ "".
    Download it to a place (not to the game) that you've
    created, make the copy of the game (as above), unzip
    it and run the Auto-installer directing it to the
    correct destination. There are well written instructions
    with the download.

    The period aircraft are:

    2 Blenheim Mk I ---4 Bf-109e
    1 Defiant Mk I------3 Bf-110c
    3 Hurricane---------1 Do-17z
    5 Spitfire------------1 He-111 H-2
    1 Wellington--------1 Ju-87 B2
    1 Whitley------------1 Ju-88 A-5

    Tally-Ho! Jawohl!

    There are a few missions included that would be great in Multi-player.
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