This is a BACKUP message. The Official Start is over at the "RTW&Multiplayer" forum.

2011 Around-The-World Race Kickoff Event "Operation Pina Colada" Officially Started!

Hi everyone,

It is 1500 UTC and the 2011 Kickoff Event, Operation Pina Colada, is now officially underway.

Please set your Duenna to "2011 rtw operation pina colada" in order to track your flight. Please do NOT check the box "Baton-carrier or wingman?"

In any case, each team must keep track of their many flights and textfile authentications on a separate thread on its own forum.

Best of luck to all the teams and pilots in this year's race!


Matt Smith
Ian Dale
Mike MacKuen
Reggie Fields
Rob Ibey

Make your first post as a reply to this thread and have fun !!!