We would like to announce the newest feature of SOH FC the dedicated multiplayer server for IL-2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover.

The session should show up in the server list in game.

If it does not show up for you try direct connecting to our IP port 27016

The realism settings are placed in the middle of the road. It is possible to set up multiple sessions and later we may setup another session with more realistic settings (harder setting).

AntropomorphicControl OFF
ComplexEManagement OFF
EngineTemperatureEffects OFF
TorqueGyroEffects ON
FlutterEffect ON
WindTurbulence ON
StallsSpins ON
Vulnerability ON
BlackoutsRedouts ON
RealisticGunnery ON
RealisticBombing ON
LimitedAmmo OFF
LimitedFuel OFF
CockpitAlwaysOn OFF
NoOutsideViews OFF
HeadShake OFF
NoIcons OFF
NoPadlock OFF
Clouds ON
TakeoffLanding ON
RealisticLandings ON
NoMapIcons OFF
NoMinimapPath OFF
NoAutopilot OFF
NoReplacementPlace OFF
NoReplacement OFF
NoSelect OFF
NoReplacementArmy OFF
NoSelectArmy OFF
NoCreate OFF

The Steam user name for the server is Sim-Outhouse Flight Center if you would like to friend it.

Good Luck and above all have a good time.

Known issues:

The server is the game running in a command window. It has all of the same limitations as a normal user. For some reason Steam logs off the session at random. When that happens the session should disappear from the server list in COD. If you put Sim-Outhouse Flight Center on your friend list you will still see the server in a game even though it is not accessible.

The missions can sometimes freeze. When this happens the session needs to be restarted.

The session will not recover if the server reboots unexpectedly.

Bottom line is if the session is not accessible someone will need to make a post in the forums. It will be restarted as soon as possible.

It is our hope that the publisher will come out with a Steam independent server application that runs as a service in the future.