~S~ Fellows,

Just a note to Dave, thanks for moving the ball forward for me to get FSX (and myself) up to Multiplayer speed.

After tracing my connectivity issue down to illegal traffic on our wireless router (now encryptedly locked) I can see and join SOH hosted HOPS using the FShostclient software...

This discovery resolved for me a seperate issue I was having in being able to join CFS3 Modded flights (ETO & PTO), yet not being able to host them (which at that time, made no sense).

Whatever said illegal traffic was up to on my LAN, it appearently was blocking incoming traffic on port 2302 (from what I can tell), and most likely explains why both problems came to be.

So, hopefully, I have definitively set up my system, and secured it from other problems arising in the future while educating myself yet again thanks to the love of flight simming in general.

-Jupp- (Joe)