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Always a possibility. But, it depends on the variant differences. When its just textures or FM's, not a problem.

Another trend developing is I now have several people interested in converting our projects to FSX native so that is also a positive.

The Trackers, Dash 7, and Fleet 50 projects are all being converted as we speak.

I also have commitment on the F7F's for native conversion once I revamp the mapping and VC's.

I do look forward to the A-20 Havoc project but we have the FSX Turbo Trackers to get out (maybe by the weekend), the Dash 7 new models and Fleet 50K (intended by year's end), the Harpoon during the Winter months, the XP47H/J by late Winter, and then the F7F's.

well thats all very cool..im looking forward to them all...is the XP-47H/J the one that had the inverted V-12 Hemi in it?..or is that a completely different model?..

about the F7F's...i have the ports installed now,i guess thats what they are called,id love to have them in fsx native form,i used to go with my neighbor,who was a USFS airtanker dispatcher at the grass valley ATB,,,man it was so cool to get to be there and watch them fly missions.one of the pilots took a liking to me,,,,the other hated me i guess...he never spoke to me or even acknowledged me ,but the one would take me out and show me the plane (from the ground) i couldnt climb in due to insurance reasons...i think he just didnt want me in it...lol.when he knew i was there watching,he would land on the mains and hold the nose up for most of the runway only letting it down in time to turn off onto the taxiway (within safe distance )..i used to have photos of him going past the ATB with the nose wheel off the ground..i cant find them now..think my sister has them.