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    Default The Flight Server is Open

    and is now hosting flights for FS2002, FS2004 and FSX

    No additional software is needed for FS2002 or FS2004.

    FSX users will need FS Host Client.

    The connection IP for the FS Host server is

    Currently the connection port is 23456

    Status Page is

    Everybody needs to have their ports opened in their routers.

    If you do not open your ports you might get connected but you will block other pilots out of the session. You can also cause "Hot Boots" of you and other players from the server. Please invest time to ensure everyone has an enjoyable flight.

    All instructions below refer to DSL, Cable or Fiber connections. Dial up connections should not have Port Forwarding issues as you are connected to the internet directly. We refer to that as a truly Pants Down Internet Connection.

    Setting your router

    First Disclaimer: While messing around in your DSL Modem you may change something that will cause you to be unable to connect to the internet. Care must be take that you understand the procedures I give you I will not be held responsible for any mistakes on your part. If you do not feel comfortable with making the changes STOP now and proceed no further. If you do feel confident take screen shots of your Router Admin Pages before you make changes. Know your user name and password to your account. This should help you from making any fatal mistakes that will prompt you to call your ISP for support. Post your questions to this thread and we will help you set up your router.

    Letís talk DSL first

    In todayís world all DSL modems are multi-function devices. Part one is the Modem that Authenticates you to the ISP by a PPOE Log on (in the USA other Countries may use other Protocols), then converts the ATM signal to Ethernet, Part two is the router that joins the WAN segment (ISP side) of your network to the LAN (your network) portion of the network. Part three is the network switch it may only be configured as 1 port but it is still a switch. Part four maybe your built in Wireless Access Point. If you plugged an aftermarket Router into your DSL modem you may be running two routers on your network. This is a recipe for problems discontinue this if you have done so NAT or Port Forwarding will not work correctly. If you have your router setup this way we need to talk. Post here and I will send you instructions on testing your setup.

    Recently I ran into just this situation with a Flight Sim Pilot who could not get the FS Host Port tester to work. He had his Network connection going into his Vontage Phone box. From his Vontage phone box he had a router plugged in. The Vontage Phone box is a Router. Placing a Router behind a Router blocked the ports he needed. In this case it was easily fixed by placing the Router on the WAN side and plugging his PC and Vontage Phone box into that Router.

    To set up your PC/Router to connect you need to set the port forwarding in your router. The ports you want to forward are

    TCP 47624
    UDP 2300 to 2400

    FS2004 and FSX:
    UDP 23456 (or the "2004 host port" on FSHost's Server / Options / Session tab)
    UDP 6073 Direct Play port
    UDP 2300 to 2400

    You can get more help on forwarding ports in your particular router at

    If you need help post your make and model of your router and modem Screen Shots are always a help. If you donít know how to access your router see instructions further below.

    There also is a program called FSPortTest that you can run on your PC to check to see if you have all the ports forwarded correctly in your router. Use it hands down it will tell you if you are set up right. If it fails and you cannot figure it our Post screen shots of your router. These things are not hard to setup.

    Cable connections

    Second Disclaimer: It has been over three years since I have installed any Cable Modems. They may have changed and the instructions below maybe incorrect.

    Cable connections differ from DSL the Modem authenticates by the MAC Address assigned to the device. It will receive a private IP address from the ISP and assign a public IP Address to your PC if you attach your PC to the modem directly. It will only assing one address it will not allow multiple connections via a switch like a DSL Modem functioning as a router. You should have a quality Router connected to your Modem.

    How do I access My Router?

    You need to know the IP address of your router. Here is the fast way to do it. On Windows XP or Windows 2000

    Click Start

    Click Run

    You get a box to open up type cmd

    Press enter

    You should now be at a command prompt

    Type ipconfig

    Copy down all of the IP address information.

    Ethnet 0 or 1 should be the IP address of the PC that you ran the Ping Command on.

    The Default Gateway is the IP address of your Router.

    You can now close out your command prompt

    Open your preferred Internet Browser

    Type in the address field (IP address of the default gateway )

    This should bring up your admin page for your router. If you are prompted for a password you will need to find it. It might be still default. Lynksys used to use admin in the password field nothing in the user field. Its now years since I set up a Lynksys check your owners manual.

    If you have a different router consult your ownerís manual.

    Now how do I forward my ports?

    Look for a heading that refers to NAT and Gaming or Home Networking. They are all built different.

    You are going to define the ports above and direct them to your Gaming PC. So that

    Port 6073 ---> points to MyPC_Name or the IP address of your PC.

    Ask questions if you cannot figure it out.

    Take screen shots and post them (please no user names and passwords black them out).

    And as always if you are really stuck...

    Yep its time to go to TeamSpeak.

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