Hey guys Endless here firstly Hello

a little about myself

im a 27 year old who loves aviation my first flight sim Which I absolutely fell in love with was cfs1
then 2 then 3 also love fsx
i live in sydney Australia and manage my fathers company

now that that's over with I just thought I'd let you guys know what's going on with il2 cliffs of dover
as some of you know and others that don't Team Fusion are a group of modders and are all volunteers that are working on a new patch we thought they couldn't surprise us any more than they already have but they have now told us they are working on a new theatre and plane sets which is said to be released sometime next year

the multiplayer server now has 100 player limit Which I thought would never happen but hey pigs can fly

any ways here is a good video of what I feel highlights the sims potential
enjoy and thank you for your time