I am tinkering with CFS3 after a several year hiatus. I've been flying FSX and now P3D, but wanted combat with a bit of realism. (I.E. AI that shoot back) I am interested in getting back into CFS3 multiplayer and have several questions.

1. I see CFS3 (I assume "Vanilla" install) and ETO flight posting threads, but no IP for connection. How do I go about joining these sessions?
2. I have installed ETO and patches up to 1.50. Would I be able to connect to a ETO session? The Thread title says 1.20.
3. I have done the Windows 7 fix listed in the forums. Are there any other Mods to install or fixes to do to be able to connect?
4. Is anyone hosting a MAW or BoB session?

I am sure that more questions will arise. I thank anyone in advance for their help!