~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Post CFS3 IP Games in here!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Post your IP Games for CFS3 in here.

EVERYONE remember to watch your language!!!
This also includes "creative" spelling or phonetics to bounce around the grammar filter. We've got young members that don't need to see that stuff.

Please post:
-The IP address for the game.
-Type of game you're hosting.
-Use the words GAME ON! to announce a session.
Once the session is finished, please edit your post to announce GAME OFF and edit out the IP address

Helpful Hints:
-If you use the "quote" feature to enclose your IP address, it will not be copied into subsequent posts by other members.
-If you're quoting a host's post and it includes the IP address, please edit out the IP address.
-Please keep the non-game related "chatter" posts to a minimum.
-For scheduling future games, post another thread with the time/date in the title to make the arrangements. Then post the session ON or OFF in this thread.

Reminder for the hosts:
The time limit to go back and edit a post is 400 minutes.
If you've got a good long session going you might want to close & repost the game if it goes longer than 6-hours.