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Session Name: 23456 US Cont. Border
Password: Not required
Pilots: 0 (unlimited)
Observers: 0 (unlimited)
Games: FS2002 & FS2004 & FSX
FS2004 & FSX Connect Port: 23456
Server Version: 3.2
   Session Comments:


Status Game Player Name Type Aircraft Time Near Alt. Hdg. Speed Hop DX Data Status

? Pilots online Locations:

Flight Plans
Current server time: 08:36 PM

Status Player Name Filed Opened Closed Open Time
N2001H   11:56 AM     11:56 AM     12:51 PM     0d 0h 54m  
vfr kgon cgas f33a bonanza 3500 hop 59
N2001H   12:52 PM     12:52 PM     01:26 PM     0d 0h 33m  
vfr cgas kaiy f33a bonanza 3500 hop 60
N2001H   01:29 PM     01:29 PM     01:59 PM     0d 0h 30m  
vfr kaiy koxb f33a bpnanza 4500 hop 61
N2001H   02:02 PM     02:02 PM     02:26 PM     0d 0h 23m  
vfr koxb kmfv f33a bonanza 4500 hop 62

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